Warm welcome to RT-15 Euromeeting 2017


Euromeeting is the highlight for our European Round Table 15 family and we are honored to organize the event in Salo, Finland in June 2017. Once more, thank you Halden for the amazing Euromeeting last year in Norway!

RT-15 Salo is among the most active Round Tables in Finland and has deep roots and long history in Southern Finland, located about 100km west of Helsinki. We have 17 fellows in our Round Table and our operation is full of life throughout the year. Also Old Tablers (41 Club) in Salo is living strong. Even though Finland is the most north-eastern corner of Europe, we are happy to welcome 60 tablers avec across Europe to attend RT-15 Euromeeting in Salo once again.

We launched Euromeeting preparations right after returning and recovering from Halden, and now all is set for you! Well, maybe some fine-tuning will still be made during the upcoming days... But really, this will be amazing!

Registration is now officially closed - please contact us directly if needed.

Don’t forget to invite all your fellow tablers to our Facebook event.

Welcome to Salo in 9th-11th June 2017! See you soon!

Yours, RT-15 Salo Tablers